Mini-Byte: Testing and Tweaking

I'm finally beginning to feel a bit more comfortable playing around with the look of my blog. I've still got a LOT to learn, but I'm working on it. I've been doing some tweaking and testing out a few new widgets in the sidebar. My goal is to include some features that my readers will find helpful and interesting.
Please take a few minutes to let me know what you think. Be honest! If you hate something or think it is obnoxious, tell me. My feelings won't be hurt. Like I said, I am still learning here. On the flip side, if you like something, please let me know that too. Also, I would gladly welcome any suggestions or constructive criticism, constructive being the operative word.
Thanks! I look forward to hearing from you.
Now, if I could only figure out how to put that lovely picture I've been saving into my header........
... steps.


Amanda said…
Don't feel bad. It takes time.

I like the changes you've made to the right column. Very clean, good layout.

The way you add your custom header photo to the top is:

1. From blogger dashboard, select manage layout.

2. Where you see the header box, click edit.

3. A box will pop up and then it's pretty self-evident. You upload the desired photo and voila!

Hope that helps you a bit. Happy tinkering!
Susan @ SGCC said…
Thanks, Mrs. W. I appreciate your comment. In a perfect world, customizing the header would work as you say. Unfortunately, my template is a stretch template and for some reason it doesn't work. I set up a test blog to practice on. That darn header just will not get centered with the text! I have tinkered with the code as well as resized the graphic umpteen times. I don't want to change templates, so I may need professional help (for the blog, that is!). ;)

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