SGCC Visits Bleeding Espresso

I'm taking a little Italian holiday to visit Michelle over at Bleeding Espresso. Actually, Michelle honored me with an invitation to guest post on her blog, which I most gratefully accepted.
If you haven't ever visited Bleeding Espresso, you're missing out. Michelle is an American expat living in Calabria, Italy. She is an attorney who chucked a successful legal career and went in search of her ancestral roots. Michelle's blog isn't only about food, it's about life, love and the search for self. Her posts are entertaining and insightful. Her photographs are awesome!
While you're there, I'll be finishing up my Easter Pies. You won't want to miss THAT!
Ciao for now!


Hi Susan,
Just read your post on Michelle's page and loved it. I know what you felt like going to your dad's town for the first time. I felt similar the first time I came to Italy; felt that everyone was just like me...felt like I had come home. I have to catch up with reading your blog now!
Anonymous said…
The both of you together and cooking in Italy has got to be a blast. Have fun and can't wait to head on over to Michelle's right now to join the party!
Ivanhoe said…
Just wanted to say Hello. I read your post on Bleeding Expresso's blog and loved it. I would like to read more about your visit. I moved from Europe to US. I did not have anybody left there and started a new life here... Have a great weekend!
I hope you are not drinking limoncello WHILST making Easter Pies....don't make me, make you, do the stations of the cross TWICE missy, and I might also throw in 3 rosaries just be pissy. Love limoncello btw....I make Italian sodas and ALWAYS ALWAYS top them off w/a little limoncello...or a lotta limoncello but who's keeping track.
Susan @ SGCC said…
Leanne- Thank you and welcome! I'm so glad you enjoyed the post. I've been amazed at how many readers have identified with me. That inner need to belong is very strong, isn't it?

WoR Couple- Come on over and have some Limoncelllo!

Ivanhoe- Hi! Thanks for coming by. I'm glad you enjoyed my post. I think I'll have to post a follow-up sometime. There is lots more to tell.
I hope everything is going well for you here. Starting ove takes a lot of courage. :)

Obsessive- Well, Smartypants! I'll be doing my Stations NEXT Friday. I have a whole week yet to be bad! I already say the Rosary - one decade for my Dad every night.

Italian soda? Now, that sounds great. You need to post about that!
Hi, I really enjoyed reading your post over at bleeding espresso and stopped by to check out your blog, I love the title, love Nigella's clementine cake, love your cake tin. Fantastic blog will be back for second helpings. Ciao
Cakelaw said…
Have a great time in Calabria, Susan. I chuckle every time I read about another lawyer who has found out that there;s much more to life than being chained to a desk 24 x 7. I am still practising, but in a much scaled down way - best thing I ever did.
I have posted about the Italian Sodas......see the archives hehehehe. It is Torani syrups.
Helene said…
What a great post it was Susan!
Limoncello is a great thing--nice work! And I can't wait to see the Easter pie...
Beautiful... and inspiring. I admire people who follow their dreams!
Susan @ SGCC said…
Tuscan View- Welcome! Thanks for coming. I'm so glad you liked my post at BE and my blog. Please come by anytime you like! :)

Cakelaw- I know what you mean. I can think of at least a half dozen food bloggers who are escaped lawyers. I also have several friends here at home that have gotten out of the rat race too.

Obsessive- Oops! Sorry. I guess I missed that one! :( I'll check it out.

Tartelette- Thanks. I'm glad you liked it. :)

Mike- We ended up with 8 different pies. It was ridiculous! ;)

Aran- Thank you. Glad you liked it. I agree.
This was a gorgeous post and I'm going to give the limoncello a try. Please consider writing one of these lovely famly filled posts for the Apples & Thyme event - celebrating time in the kitchen with mothers and grandmothers.
Oh yes, you should definitely write something up for Apples & Thyme...or even submit your Easter Pie post; I contributed something a few months ago, and now that I think of it, I think my Easter recipe post will work as well :)

Anyway I came to thank you for writing such a beautiful guest post. You're welcome to come and give me a day off any time ;)
I discovered you through this post on Bleeding Espresso and am thrilled to find your limoncello recipe! I will be making it soon.

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