Top Chef, Season 4: Discuss!

Last night was the Season 4 premiere of Bravo TV's Emmy-nominated hit, Top Chef. This season's competition is coming to you from Chicago, a city with a richly diverse culinary tradition. I must admit, I love Top Chef! I've never missed an episode.

The action, the drama, Ted Allen, PADMA'S OUTFITS, TONY BOURDAIN, THE FOOD!!!

From what I saw last night, this season has the potential to be the best ever. What did you think? Any predictions yet? Who did you love...or hate? Any recipes that you're dying to try? I want to hear your thoughts on anything Top Chef now, and in the coming weeks.

I'll be following this season closely and I hope that you'll all join me. As things get steamy later on in the Top Chef Kitchen, I'll be doing some great givaways, so stay tuned!

Ciao for now!


I have not watched religiously. What irritates me are all these food tasters on these shows that are RAIL THIN. Who can sit and eat for a LIVING and be RAIL THIN??? If I was a chef I would look like a wild boar that could feed a whole tribe. Down with the Giada's and Padma's!!!!!!!!!!!
h said…
Interesting blog. I liked Antonia and hated Nimma, Andrew, Spike and Ryan. How can you not know what Chicken Piccata is?
Deborah said…
I agree - how can you be a chef and not know what chicken piccata is??
Patsyk said…
I can't wait to try the lasagna from last night! I loved the look of the duck spring rolls, too... but since I've never had duck, not sure I am ready to cook it!

I also was happy tha Nimma left... too much salt? Come on, aren't they all professionals this year? That being said... I couldn't understand why a chef wouldn't know what goes into chicken piccata, it is such a simple dish!
Anonymous said…
Sigh, we haven't even seen season 3 yet here in Italy and I have been looking forward to it. Season 2 ended about a month ago (yes, very far behind so sad I know). I'll have to rely on you for updates!
Susan @ SGCC said…
Obsessive-I always say, you can't trust a skinny chef! If they don't ear their own food, why would you? ;)

Troll- So far, I liked everyone except Andrew and Richard. Andrew was just too much of a whiner and Richard was a sanctimonious ass. I thought he was trying too hard to be Stephen from season 1. But, I liked Stephen. Oh, and that hairdo. Come on! I liked Dale, but he was trying too hard to be Hung.

Deborah- I agree. My husband even knows that and he can't even make coffee!

PatsyK- I loved Nikki's lasagna, with the homemade pasta. I also really liked Stephanie's duck dish, even though I thought Mark was cuter. ;)

I didn't like Nimma at first, because she seemed like a cold fish. But, I felt for her when she got cut. You're right about the salt thing, though.

Jo- Boo! :( I'm sorry you don't get the new shows there. Keep coming back and we'll try to keep you informed. Also, Television Without Pity does great weekly recaps of each episode.

You'll love Season 3. It was a good one!
Ginny said…
Wasn't it a great show? I've been a religious watcher since the beginning and it may just be the best season! As soon as Tony walked in, I got even more excited...something about that man...sorry, I was fantasizing for a minute...I really liked Richard and couldn't stand Andrew! he was so obnoxious! we shall see what happens but I am looking forward to it!
Maggie said…
I love how Erik's souffle looked like how TGIFridays would do one. Cracked me up!
I liked that they showed how nervous Stephanie was and she won despite the nerves. I'm fairly sure we'll get tired of listening to Andrew being bleeped before the season is half over.
Cakelaw said…
This sound slike a fun show - hope we eventually get it here.
I love the show, but so far, I dunno, a number of the contestants have a ways to go. The picatta and souffle really stood out in my mind as just plain bad. I'm hoping for the best and will be watching religiously!
Susan @ SGCC said…
Ginny- Ooooh! I know what you mean about Tony! I really liked Richard's dishes, but he came off a little pompous. Maybe we'll get to see a humbler side of him. Andrew just came off as a pain in the a$$.

Maggie- Poor Erik! I felt for him, but earlier in the show he did say that he wanted the souffle because it was the hardest. Be careful what you wish for....

Stephanie seemed sweet. I'm glad she won.

Cakelaw- You poor thing! No Top Chef! I'm sorry you don't get it in Australia. You can check out TwoP for blow by blow recaps. Come back and chat anyway!

Mike- Well, I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt and attribute it to nerves. But, the picatta is pretty unforgivable!
RecipeGirl said…
Shoot- I have this Tivo'd. Can't wait to watch it!!
How can that girl be so skinny? :O
Harland Crom said…
This may be a long shot but I'm predicting Spike as the winner. BTW, is anyone playing the Last 2 game for Top Chef?
Eryn said…
i saw your post on michelle's bleeding espresso so i decided to stop by and visit your blog.

my fiance and i LOVE top chef. we started watching last season. we had to DVR wednesday night's premier but i'll be sure to comment back once we do!

Susan @ SGCC said…
Recipegirl- Hurry up and watch it already! ;)

Patricia- I don't know. It's sickening, isn't it? ;)

Harland- Spike? I don't know. I need to see a little more. I'm not familiar with that game. Thanks for the link. I'll check it out.

Eryn- Welcome! I'm glad you came by. Come back any time. I have a feeling this will be an interesting season on TC!
I hated Nimma - was cheering when she got the boot. Is this one potty mouthed bunch of chefs or what?
Susan @ SGCC said…
Simply...GF- Nimma did seem a little, um...antisocial. I didn't cry when she packed her knives. And yes, I noticed the high potty-mouth quotient too! ;)

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